25 Odd Jobs That Make Money [Infographic]

Odd Jobs That Make Money

The most important aspect of a job is the money that it brings in with itself. But only the white-collar jobs aren’t the highest-paying jobs. There are many jobs, which are considered to be odd by many people but can earn handsome salaries. Following are some odd jobs that make money if you opt for… Read More »

Facebook Vs Google Hierarchical Structure [Infographic]

Facebook vs Google Hierarchical Structure

Google and Facebook have become prime internet destinations for most web users a result of which both companies are now active competitors for each other giving rise to a Facebook vs Google atmosphere (which luckily hasn’t turned ugly yet). These companies are not regular technological companies, they have changed the way how people interact over… Read More »

Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Texting [Infographic]

Celebrities Caught Cheating via Texting

Mobile technology has made numerous advances that revolutionized the fashion of communication across the world. Cell phones come with a number of capabilities, cool features, and exciting applications, that include text messaging, voice mail, and video calling services. SMS messaging is a popular service that is preferred by most individuals, especially youngsters. Texting is such… Read More »

The Fast Food With The Most Calories [Infographic]

The Fast Food With the Most Calories

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate and has become a global health issue, especially among kids, thanks to the growing consumption of fast food items with massive calories. It is more rampant in English-speaking countries, where it is turning out to be a threat to the economy. Obesity affects various aspects of life in… Read More »