Can Job Stress Kill You? [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 20th, 2019

Stress Can Kill You

They have always said that work is a killer, but that may be truer than we realize. 20-year studies of 820 adults found that 53 died over the period of the study. Of those 53, many in that group reported having a hostile work environment. Stress caused from this may have made it more likely that they were going to die.

A relationship one has with a boss has no tie into the likelihood of death despite popular belief. It is, however, the number one reason for leaving a job. That is something that should be carefully considered in future studies.

There are many jobs that one can work at, which cause them enormous amounts of stress. Some of the 10 ten most stressful jobs include commercial pilot, stockbroker, real estate agent, and newscaster. Jobs like this are more likely than other jobs to have people stressed out which could be linked to their death. Check out this “Can Job Stress Kill You” infographic to get more insight:

Can Job Stress Kill You Infographic