Call of Duty: Teenager Arrested Over Cyber Attack

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 14th, 2019

Call of Duty: Teenager Arrested Over Cyber Attack

A 17-year-old teenager from Manchester has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police’s e-crime unit on suspicion of being behind a denial of service attack against the online game Call of Duty.

It followed a “denial of service” attack, which saw large numbers of people unable to play the game online. Denial of service attacks are aimed at making websites unusable.

Games company Activision contacted police in September this year.

The attack was facilitated via a malicious program called Phenom Booter, which was also being offered for sale on a web forum which allowed those playing Call of Duty to score more points while stopping other people playing the game.

Detectives established that the server was hosted within the UK and further investigation traced the IP address more specifically to the Greater Manchester area.