Bump Makes Photo Transfer From Smartphone To PC Ingeniously

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Bump Now Lets You Transfer Photos From Your Smartphone to pc

Tapping two smartphones together – is that all that it takes to transfer photos from one smartphone to another? Yes, now it does thanks to the popular Android/iOS app known as Bump – previously only used for syncing contacts, favorite apps, and files from one smartphone to another. Exchanging photos had never been that much easy – literally tapping two smartphones together. In fact, it has been reported that during the previous two years, the application has been extensively used to transfer more than 630 million photos from one smartphone to another.

Although Bump accomplished the mission of picture transfer from one smartphone to another, years ago, transferring the pics from your smartphone to your computer remained a big headache. The problem has been resolved now. Photos can now be uploaded to Bump’s website rather than your computer itself. Once they’re on their website you can download the pictures onto your computer, share photos on Facebook or Twitter, or create a link to your photos that you can share with your friends and family.

Bump CEO and co-founder, Dave Lieb stated to Mashable during an interview:

“One of the comments we always hear is ; I wish my computer worked just as well, I wish there was Bump on my computer so we decided to build that.The ability to comprehend what the fans want and need is a definite key to a company’s success and following.”

All that Bump needs is an update to version 3.3.0 (no need to re-install). After installing the update, one must proceed to bump, open the application on your smartphone and open bu.mp on your computer browser. Simply select the desired photos from your mobile that you need to transfer to your personal computer. One last step remains: the spacebar of your computer needs a press and there you have it: the selected photos will appear on your browser with the choice of either saving them on your computer or to share them with your friends. Easy as one, two, three!

The app can transfer images to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari only with location tracking enabled. Other than that, the creation of a URL for a cluster of photos is a necessary step otherwise they will not be accessible on the website and will require to be “Bumped” again.