Big Boss Grand Finale: Veena Malik Performing On ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 11th, 2019

Veena Malik Performing On 'Sheila Ki Jawani'

Veena Malik will perform in the grand finale of Big Boss on Tees Maar Khan’s popular song “Sheila Ke Jawani,” for which the arrangements have been finalized.

Veena Malik and her manager Sohail Rashid have confirmed of Veena Malik performing in the finale. Rashid told:

“She has definitely been very popular during the show. She was nominated seven times to be evicted but the Indians voted for her six times which means she has a large fan following over there. Considering this fact, it is quite possible that she’ll perform but I cannot confirm or rule it out [at the moment].”

“She had been promoting the Urdu language at the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. A lot of people are using Urdu words in India just because of her. She promoted our language and did nothing wrong,” Malik’s manager said defending the actress.

He further said that some negative rumors have been circulating about Malik but they were not true.

“There is only one Indian website which is promoting false things to defame her. The activities of the contestants of “Bigg Boss” are recorded round the clock and the show’s duration is hardly an hour. So things are omitted and many things are being quoted out of context. She had been offering prayers in the house but nobody mentioned it. She discussed politics with her fellow contestants but few people ignored that and propagated her statements in a twisted way. The things that contestants did at the show were part of the game and the show must be taken as a game,” Rashid added.

Veena Malik, who is currently in India, said that false reports were being circulated about her:

“I didn’t drop my towel before the camera. It’s just a rumor.”

The actor said that she was not intimate with any fellow contestant. She further said that she had been wearing shorts but the other contestants including Sara Khan and Anchal had done the same.

Sameer Soni should apologize.

Sameer Soni, another participant of “Bigg Boss”, who reportedly said he wanted to slap Malik when he and Dolly Bindra were talking about Malik after her eviction is being criticized for his comments. Someone has created a page titled ‘Sameer Soni Should Say Sorry to All Women of This World’ on Facebook and a lot of people are urging him to apologize for his comments.

Another interesting dialogue that is being forwarded through text messages and emails is a sentence spoken by Malik to Dolly Bindra: Aap Aurat Key Naam Par Ek Cartoon Ho (You are a cartoon in shape of women). Dolly, on the other hand, called her ‘vulgar’.