Best Ways to Build a Website For Beginners

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

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The worldwide web is the place to be these days if you want to get noticed and whatever line of business you’re in, it is essential that you have some kind of presence on the Internet. Your own website should be the minimum you aim for and you can then build your social networks, directory listings and other profiles around that. Even if you don’t have a business to promote but feel you have something worthwhile to say or want to start building up an audience and a reputation, then setting up your own website or a blog is a great way to do it. If you’re starting out with very little budget then custom web design from expert developers can seem something of an expensive luxury to begin with, although this is well worth considering when you are more established. Let’s dive deep on the best ways to build a website for beginners:



It’s fair to say WordPress has revolutionized web design, making it accessible for all and is one of the most popular methods for starting a blog or website from scratch, while it is also powerful enough to form the basis of many professionally-built sites.

It is open-source software which means it is constantly evolving and has contributors from around the world helping to improve it. Endless free or premium themes and plugins are available to help you customize your site, while many web designers are happy to work with it when you want to bring in some more bespoke tweaks to your site.



This is an increasingly flexible platform that has a range of options that will grow as you do. The DIY approach is aimed at people with no technical skills being able to build attractive sites with easy-to-follow beginner’s guides.

It is worth noting though that the free option includes Moonfruit branding which can make your site look slightly less professional than a custom-built solution, but the premium plans remove this and start from an affordable £4 per month.



Like Moonfruit, Weebly aims to be simple to use a website builder for people with no experience and its drag-and-drop interface does indeed make it a doddle. Its free version is also very impressive in its level of customization and the features it offers, while upgrading to pro accounts are affordable as well.

Its growing popularity means there are also growing numbers of web designers who will be able to make tweaks and custom alterations to your own Weebly design when you’re ready for that extra bit of pizazz.

If you’re simply looking for a good looking presence for yourself on the web, then is one of the most beautiful ways to do it. If your life is dominated by social networking then it pulls them all into one place for you, like a virtual CV or portfolio, while you can blog, including contact forms and show off all your other links in real style.

Its simplicity and user-friendliness are its best features, but you’ll have an uber-stylish piece of web real estate in minutes.