Best Twitter Plugins For WordPress

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 21st, 2023
Best Twitter Plugins For WordPress

WordPress has quickly become one of the most dominating ways of building a website easily and effectively. It has a whole range of functionality that is simple to use and caters to the needs of most businesses; building a comprehensive website to promote your company’s attributes and assets. Equally, Twitter has become a formidable force in the social media marketing world, promoting businesses and providing a forum for companies to talk directly with consumers and gather intelligence on the behavior of shoppers worldwide.

Together, these two tools are key to building brand awareness and providing a professional and comprehensive front for businesses. With this in mind, it is essential that businesses now link these two things together to create a swift and interchangeable seamlessness, making it inherently easy for users to access your business on both platforms without having to hassle and fuss between the two.

In the past, this was an overbearing task involving a great deal of coding, hiring a software techy, and costing a large sum of money. Nowadays with WordPress plugins coming out of our ears, and recommendations left, right, and center, it’s far simpler to complete yourself than it ever was before. As WordPress is designed as a tool for even the most basic users to grasp, there is no reason why you, yourself, can’t implement changes to bind Twitter to your website and vice versa.

With some best Twitter plugins for WordPress floating around the internet, how do you know which is right for you and which will be most effective in your business endeavor to further brand awareness and drive website traffic?

Well, here are a few to give you a helping hand:


Twitter Feed For WordPress

One of the key essentials of amalgamating your Twitter presence with your WordPress is to actually show people that you’re available on both platforms. One of the greatest and easiest of all ways is to implement a Twitter Feed onto your website.

Whether you chose to do this on your homepage or within its own separate sections, is up to you, but the very concept of displaying your Twitter releases on your website shows visitors that you are available to contact via Twitter and you are responsive to customers in real-time. makes it expressly clear that connecting with customers in real time is an essential part of building a community and relationship with consumers. Having your Twitter Feed on your website allows consumers who visit your site to see for themselves that you have a community around you, showing your trustworthiness as a brand.

The great thing about the Twitter Feed for WordPress plugin is that it enables you to fully customize the tool to show the number of tweets you desire, the style of output, and the username, so it fits in with your website formatting and style, without causing confusion over whose Twitter it may be.


Twitter Friendly Links

With only 140 characters to display your messages to the public, it can be difficult to fit everything in as well as look professional as a brand.  A fantastic way to do this is to use Twitter Friendly Links. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the links which you intend to post on Twitter so that it doesn’t appear as an ‘https://verylonglink…’.

The ellipsis looks messy and coming across as well put-together and concise is important when attempting to paint yourself as a reputable brand.

For example, say you have a link to a blog you wrote concerning a WordPress Genesis Theme review and you want to shorten the link from the typical long-tailed URL that looks like to something more catchy and presentable, you just use the plugin to customize your link to Much snappier, much more professional.


Twittar WordPress Plugin

Not a commonly known plugin and not one often thought about but Twitter WordPress Plugin is actually a very useful tool. All it provides the Twitter avatars of commenters on your WordPress website or blog. Simple.

The way this benefits your business is that it links your page to people on Twitter, allowing you to investigate the type of people commenting on your website, offer them an extra hand on Twitter, and follow them. This creates a community and helps you build bridges between your professional site and your Twitter account.


WP – Twitter

Lastly, but by far not the least important Twitter plugin for WordPress, WP–Twitter simply posts a Tweet every time you release new content on your website. This is absolutely integral to binding the two platforms together as it keeps a continuous feed on Twitter as well as provides up-to-date content for your Twitter followers.

In order to keep the attention of followers, you need to consistently engage them. By utilizing this plugin, you’re providing the means for them to see what you’re doing on your website and encouraging them to check it out by providing a link.

This, of course, increases website hits as well as builds up your Twitter community networking by inviting questions surrounding your work.

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