Best Mobile Offices In The World

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON February 14th, 2022

best mobile offices

If you found the best mobile office in the world, would you know it when you saw it? How would you identify it? By the drapes, the office cubicles or wireless integration? Although the two developed independently, mobile technology has advanced the capabilities of mobile offices tenfold. With wireless and cellular communications networks, the days of air phones and car phones are long gone. Today, anything can suffice for a mobile office.

No, not an office made of mobile devices – a real mobile office, portable, if you will. One could conceivably turn any movable apparatus into an office building simply by paying the phone bill. So, the sky is the limit, right?

amazing mobile office

Well, apparently not for the good Senator from West Virginia. C’mon, John. Seriously? A Venture? The least you could do is spring for an Escalade. Your great-great-grandfather would be highly disappointed in you.

Best Mobile Offices

Now, this is more like it. Note the strategic mouse placement and the networked screens. This mobile-office setup is configured for simultaneous collaboration and individual productivity. The best thing about this setup is its transfer-ability. Notice that the features are not dependent on the layout of the interior.

Any sedan will do. Perhaps the available universal application and usability would keep this setup in the running for the best mobile office in the world.

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mobile offices la

There is, however, a lot to be said for what the Greeks called “kairos:” the right action/solution at the right time based on the needs of the situation and nothing more. Say, for instance, that you simply need to move down the hall for a few days while the Bobs are using your cubicle.

Will you be joining Milton in the basement? Not with this ingenious contraption:

This is the best thing since George Jetson’s flying car-briefcase:

Just fold it up, and take it with you wherever you need to move in the building. No need to fill up the tank. Just grab it and go.

mobile offices tx

Now, here is something similar to a multi-person office, and the green crowd will love the electric-car format! While not recommended for international business travel, it’s great for long, summer-day lunches.

Next time you hit the road for a business trip, don’t think you can’t set up a working mobile office of your own. Ingenuity and creativity can go a long way to creating the perfect mobile office space you need. Of course, wireless devices, especially a keyboard and mouse, are helpful to cut down on clutter and help to make it compact.

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