15 Best Adam Sandler Movies of All Time

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7. Spanglish (2004)

Spanglish 2004

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A Mexican woman, Flor Moreno, immigrates to America with her daughter for a better life. She soon finds work with Deborah and John Clasky and their two kids. Upon finding that Moreno is facing difficulties in managing her work schedule and her daughter, Deborah suggests Moreno and her daughter move in with them. Soon, tensions start running high in the household as both cultures start clashing.

The movie received mixed reviews from the critics and didn’t do well at the box office grossing only $55 million worldwide on a $80 million budget.


6. Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy Gilmore 1996

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This movie revolves around a rejected hockey player who starts playing professional golf to save his grandmother’s house from being seized by IRS.

As with most Adam Sandler’s movies, the movie didn’t do well with the critics but still remains a favorite among Sandler’s fans. This low budget comedy was a success, grossing $41.2 million on a mere $12 million budget. The movie won the MTV Movie Award for Best Fight.


5. Funny People (2009)

Funny People 2009

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Sandler mostly does comedy movies but this movie proves he also has dramatic acting skills. It revolves around a comedic movie star who learns that he suffers from a potentially deadly blood disease. Upon learning this, he is forced to reevaluate his life.

For once, Sandler’s movie received positive reviews and Sandler’s performance was credited for giving one of his best. Unfortunately, the movie turned out to be a box office disappointment.


4. Reign Over Me (2007)

best adam sandler movies on netflix

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Sandler starred in this heart-rending movie about a man who lost his family in the 9/11 terrorist attack. He is put into an insane asylum after his failed suicide attempt. He eventually moves in with his in-laws and soon reconnects with an old college roommate, who is under stress. Their chance meeting becomes a turning point in both men’s lives.

The movie generated $22 million on a $20 million budget. The heavy subject didn’t go well with the audience but years after its release, it has become a much watched movie on Netflix.


3. The Wedding Singer (1998)

The Wedding Singer 1998

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Set in 1985, this movie tells the story of a wedding singer who gets abandoned at the alter by his fiance. Heartbroken, he soon meets a perky waitress who asks him to help out at her wedding. It doesn’t take long for him to fall for her and tries to win her over before she gets married.

This was the Sandler-Barrymore’s first collaboration and was an immense hit, grossing $123 million on $18 million budget. It is easily one of the best Adam Sandler movies ever. This movie lead to more Sandler-Barrymore starrer movies and was also later adapted in a stage musical of same name.


2. Punch-Drunk Love (2002)

Punch-Drunk Love 2002

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This movie is a dark story about a shy lonely man who falls for his sister’s co-worker. However, his romance is soon threatened by an extortionist.

The movie perfectly utilized Sandler’s persona as a comic to explore the life of a lonely man. It is another one of Sandler’s movie which received positive reviews from the critics but failed to do well at the box office. Sandler gave a touching performance which lead to a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Comedy.


1. The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)

The Meyerowitz Stories New and Selected 2017

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Sandler returns to show off his dramatic skills in this comedy drama movie. It narrates a story of estranged siblings who reunite to celebrate their father’s work as an artist.

This movie is about sibling rivalry and regrets, daddy issues and life disappointments. Its strong ensemble cast and smart writing has been much appraised but its Sandler and Stiller who are said to steal the show.


Honorable Mentions

Aside from these, we believe the following two movies deserve an honorable mention for Sandler’s outstanding performance:

  • Deeds (2002)
  • Just Go with It (2011)


Hope you enjoyed reading our list of the best Adam Sandler movies of all time. Feel free to share your views in the comments below!