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Rafay Farooq is studying Computer Sciences in FAST-NUCES Karachi. He is passionate about blogging and finding odds from the even. In leisure time you could find him doing programming and exploring tech gadgets.
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6 May

3 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From Olx.in

Author | Rafay Farooq

Olx India is the hottest online portal of free classifieds in India. It also stands among the best online classified services that are operating in many countries. It empowers users to design their own ads with multimedia and control their dealings along with many other useful community activities via the ‘My Olx’ page. The users can put… Read More »

15 Apr

15 of the Best Zombie Games Ever

Author | Rafay Farooq

There are many genres in the world of gaming but if you really want to explore something scary as well as crazy, then the first thing that comes in mind is a ‘Zombie Game’. Zombie games are so fantastically built that you easily forget the cultural reinforcements of conventional first-person shooters and just move to… Read More »

30 Mar

7 Successful Tech Companies Founded By Women

Author | Rafay Farooq

Women have been in the top league in many areas of life, including the business and tech world. Several of today’s most successful tech companies are backed by some very influential women. These women have strived their way up to the business zenith and are successfully running organizations that are worth millions of dollars. One… Read More »

22 Mar

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Galaxy S4

Author | Rafay Farooq

In this modern and advanced era, call for a smartphone has outshined the rest of the mobile phone markets. More advanced computing capabilities and market’s super expectations are no doubt surpassed by the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 in Radio City Music Hall in New York. Here’s everything you need to know about Galaxy… Read More »