Nadeem Khan is the founder of Chillopedia who loves to write about gadgets, gaming, SEO, military, mysteries, CMS and trending technologies. He works as a full stack web developer and as a SEO consultant.
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6 Mar

The Notorious Pitfalls of Freelancing [Infographic]

Author | NK

The software business world is changing and it is now common to observe people who prefer freelancing over a regular 40 hour per week job due to rapid growth and flexibility offered by freelancing. Although there is an unmatched degree of freedom and independence that a freelancer enjoys but on the other hand it may… Read More »

2 Mar

Days That Changed The World: 2000-2009

Author | NK

Some wise soul observed that the stock market does not reflect what is happening in the economy. It reflects what people think about what is happening in the economy. The decade of the Two-Teens is shaped extensively not by what happened in the Two-Ohs but by the particularly long-lasting resonation of those events. Here is… Read More »

27 Feb

Full List of 2012 Oscar Winners

Author | NK

The Academy Awards are without any doubt one of Hollywood’s biggest annual events. All the superstars come together to honor the best films and documentaries of the year. This year’s 84th Annual Academy Awards were held at L.A. yesterday in which The Artist, Jean Dujardin, and Meryl Streep were among the big lucky winners. Here’s  the… Read More »

14 Feb

Full List of 2012 Grammy Award Winners

Author | NK

The winners of the 54th annual Grammy Awards have been announced and it wouldn’t be wrong if we call this year’s awards – “The Adele Awards” as she literally whitewashed all competition. The 23-year-old proud British singer took with her six awards (that’s every award in which she got nominated). The night was also very… Read More »