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Lerone is an entrepreneur, writer, and comedian living in Los Angeles. After starting his career as a journalist, Lerone is self-employed and focuses his energy and passion on building his businesses and brand, while sharing insights and networking with others. His interests include health and wellness, investing, and arts & entertainment. You can listen to him weekly as a regular contributor on Dash Radio’s “Mayhem and Token Show”.
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10 May

Entering The Full Swing Of The Black Creative Renaissance

Author | Lerone Graham
Full Swing of the Black Creative renaissance

Black Panther recently surpassed Titanic as the third highest grossing film in North American history, earning more than $665 million. This success points to a fact that has been apparent for years for those paying attention — art starring black protagonists, and made by black creatives, is in high demand. The signs have been pointing toward… Read More »