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John S Lam lives in Valley Drive Philadelphia and blogs for various tech communities.
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2 May

How to Properly Drift Your Car

Author | John S Lam

The drift of a car refers to the way the hindmost part of it swings to either side. Drifting a vehicle is one of the most difficult skills involved in driving; it requires much practice and preparation. When making such preparations, one should fit the car with a pair of inexpensive rear tires, and the… Read More »

1 May

How to tell if Xbox Can Be Fixed?

Author | John S Lam

If your Xbox goes up in a puff of smoke you may be in for bad times. Many are the times however, that it just simply will not start, show anything on the screen, or have unresponsive controls. Electronics are prone to failure from a variety of reasons some serious and some not so. If… Read More »