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Imad is a soccer and gaming geek from Islamabad.
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8 Sep

New iPad to Feature a Thinner, Lighter Battery

Author | Imad Siraj

According to the Taiwan Economic News The second version of Apple’s famous iPad device the “iPad2” which is in the market and the sales of the product have been ground breaking for Apple Corp., is already a very thin device Approx. 0.34 inches but the next generation of the iPad might be even more thinner… Read More »

5 Sep

Google Engineer Proposes Using Google Maps

Author | Imad Siraj

Faigy a normal, common American Woman having a “Nexus One” (A Google Android based smart phone manufactured by HTC) with Google Maps mobile app running on it recently got proposed while using a custom made Google Maps Modified app created by her boyfriend Ari Gilder (Who happens to be a Google Software Engineer / Employee).

30 Aug

2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Author | Imad Siraj

The 2011 event was a gathering of epic proportions that will stay in the living memories of all the people and artists who participated or watched the event, it was a night to live on in the history of VMA lore.

19 Aug

Ronaldinho Back For Brazil

Author | Imad Siraj

Ronaldinho gets a call to wear the famous yellow and blue jersey of Brazil again after an absence of nine months from the international scene