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10 Jul

Refreshing Your Kid’s Early Childhood Environment

Author | Ashley Williamson

Revisiting an old neighborhood playground brings back lots of nostalgia for parents who get to relive the playful days of their own early childhood environment. Yet all too often, those memories are cut short with the realization that the local park is starting to decay and that some of the playground equipment is in desperate… Read More »

11 Jun

The Cars Celebrities Drive: The Good, The Bad, And The Outrageous

Author | Ashley Williamson

It comes as no surprise that celebrities i.e. actors and actresses, singers and rappers, comedians, etc. make pretty decent money doing what they love to do. Therefore, these famous stars have the ability to splurge on different items including, but not limited to: homes, vacations, and most notably, cars. Let’s take a look at some… Read More »