Australian Police Slams Apple Maps And Recommends Alternative Maps App

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 5th, 2019

Australian Police Slams Apple Maps

With the launch of iOS 6 in September, Apple dropped Google Maps as its default map app for iOS announcing that Apple will now use its own maps app instead of Google maps. The very first day Apple maps were launched, it faced lots of criticism over its unstable behavior and faulty mapping data, which forced Tim Cook to apologize and even led to the termination of many people involved in iOS maps app project including the Senior Vice President of iOS software Scott Forstall and Maps manager Richard Williamson.

Apple then rolled out several updates to their maps and in the US they got their maps almost accurate. Things, however, were different in Australia where yesterday iOS 6 maps got a strict verdict from Australian Police as it forbade motorists from using the map system of Apple on their iPhones and iPads after they rescued several people who got stranded due to the use of iOS 6 maps.

The warning came when a number of people got stuck while finding a town Mildura, which is shown much further in Apple maps from its original position. One man got lost for almost 24 hours last week during a daytime temperature of 46 degrees Centigrade, and three more were rescued who got lost while following the turn by turn directions of Apple maps.

Authorities confirmed that tests of the mapping system of Apple have clearly shown that it lists Mildura 500 kilometers (310 miles) northwest of Melbourne, as being in the heart of Murray Sunset National Park.

Australia ios 6 maps fault

Authorities said:

“It’s quite a dangerous situation, so we would be calling for people not to use the new Apple iPhone mapping system if they’re traveling from South Australia toMildura.

To some people, it might not be the worst thing for being stuck in Australian National Park, but considering the high temperature, which usually is more than 46 degrees Celsius normally with no running water supply nearby, it really makes some sense for being an issue.

The Australian Police department has contacted Apple directly to get some clarification on the future of the mapping system and also has requested to pay attention to improve the quality of maps so that motorists could get the right directions while traveling.

Meanwhile, there are some reports that Google is about to finalize its Google Maps version for iOS. Leaked information says it is now in finishing touches and will be ready for immediate release. However, some speculation exists whether Apple would allow its rival Google Maps app to get a spot in the App Store or not?