Asma Lata: Indian Spy Got Arrested By Pakistani Agencies

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON July 17th, 2011

Recently Pakistani intelligence agencies have revealed the information about the arrest of an Indian spy named Asma Lata. Asma had come to Pakistan under the umbrella of “Aman ki Aasha”, a social and cultural exchange program initiated by the jang group and its counterparts in India.

According to the information released, she had successfully completed her task of establishing a well connected and well established terrorist network to undertake terrorist activities in Pakistan, she had even got the return tickets for India, but was arrested before she could leave.

Sophisticated spying instruments, maps and excessive amount of Indian and Pakistani money was confiscated from her at the time of her arrest.

These type of incidents do raise the question of level of trust that Pakistan should do india and they reveal the fact that even under the patronage of peace initiatives India hasn’t stopped playing its dirty tactics.

Here’s a video that this Indian agent did while being in Pakistan busy in her covert and ill willed activities:

Note:  A close look at the video clearly reveals something fishy about the women!