Are You A Smart Searcher?

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
Are You a Smart Searcher

Sure, you use Google to get the info you need. But are you getting the info you need as quickly as you could? Are you using Google Search efficiently and to its full potential? Are You a Smart Searcher? Here are a few tips that can transform you into a smart searcher:



Google makes finding definitions incredibly easy. If, say, you are searching for the meaning of ‘plagiarism’, you’ll simply type “define:plagiarism” and hit search. In less than a blink of an eye, its definition will be at the top of the page. Voila!


Exact Search

If you need to look for an exact phrase, like “mosquito borne diseases”, put the phrase in quotes and you’ll get results with these exact same words, in the order, they appear.


Similar Words

Say you need to look for a word, but also want to search for similar words. Just stick the tilde before your search word like this: “~insects”. You’ll not only get results for “insect” but also other related words such as “bugs.”


Exclude a Word or Phrase

 So you’re looking for information on mosquitoes but don’t want any results with the word “breeding” in it. All you need to do is this: “mosquito”-breeding.  Simple as that.


File Type

Google also makes your life much easier by letting you search for something with a specific document type. For instance, you could type: “Google+ Guide” filetype:pdf, and you’ll get only pdf files related to Google Plus guides. Very cool.



Google loves numbers. Its search is a result of clever algorithms. So when it comes to finding numeric answers, Google makes it simple and effective.

For example, if you want quick results from convoluted numeric calculations?

Type: 15000/78.5 +(sqrt 8) =

Your answer will appear right before your eyes.


Number Range

Do you need data about Google from 1950 to 1995? Simple. Just type:

“Google 1950…1995”. You’re done.



If you need a quick stock update you can use Google this way: type the ticker symbol and you’ll get instant results for the stock.



Google loves to convert all sorts of things for you, such as currency, time, and weather (as in Celsius to Fahrenheit or vice-versa). Simply type something like “80 pounds in kilograms” or “80 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit” and get your desired results.

Apart from these quick tips, there are a lot of other search tips that can make your life easier. Take movie times, for instance. If you want to watch a film and just need the showtimes, type “movie:” and then the name of the movie and your area. However, remember to put spaces in between or you won’t get the desired results.

Then there’s the asterisk, which when you put in between words acts as a substitute, in case you don’t know what comes in between. For example, type “nothing * nothing gained” and it will return the completed phrase for you.

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    I’m actually really good at this, in high school I was voted boy most
    likely to Google things likety split three years in a row.

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