Apple Sends iPhone Media Event Invites: “Its Almost Here”

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 5th, 2019

iPhone Media Event Invites

Apple has sent invites to the media for a Special iPhone Media Event to be held at Yerba Buena Center for the Art on 12th September. For those who must have immediately started speculating about the topic of the event — the invitation cards have been clearly written over with a line that states: “Its Almost here“.

The caption clearly gives the clue that in this event, Apple is surely going to announce its most-awaited and the most rumored, next-gen iPhone aka iPhone 5. Another clue that indicates that this event will be about iPhone 5 is that the invitation shows a large number 12, which gives a shadow of the number 5:

Still, the launch date of the iPhone 5 is not official and even at this event only an announcement is expected, but as per history, the iPhone 5’s official launch may take place in the week following the announcement.

Last year also, we observed that the Blogosphere was expecting to see an iPhone 5, with a complete reformed design including many exciting, dreamed up features, but Apple didn’t satisfy those desires and fans had to see something that looked same as an iPhone 4 but with beefed-up internal hardware. Although iPhone 4S’ dual-core processor, super camera and 64 GB memory option weren’t much delightful, a new feature that satisfied everyone was the brand new intelligent voice assistant named Siri.

This time, as per analysts and some leaked information, iPhone 5 will surely feature some exciting design changes i.e a bigger screen, more memory, a faster processor and support for 4G LTE wireless networks. The most important thing making iPhone 5 launch more exciting is its new operating system, iOS 6. It will offer a more smooth user experience and better control.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected to get a bumper sale because many iPhone users were waiting for a new design for a long time and the recent patent win against Samsung will also help Apple a lot as Apple is enjoying a very good reputation in the market nowadays. Samsung, being one of the greatest competitors of Apple in the market had its greatest sales record this year (in the second quarter of 2012 alone Samsung sold 51 million smartphones) but given the result of the patent case, Samsung’s sales would definitely get hurt apart from the billion dollars fine that it would be eventually paying to Apple.

The atmosphere for the launch of the iPhone 5 is perfect and it has never been like this. Let’s hope Apple fulfills our appetite!