Apple Kicks Google Maps, Adds Facebook to iPhone

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019

Apple Kicks Google Maps

Apple has announced its own mapping service featuring real-time traffic conditions, turn by turn navigation, vector graphics, and 3d flyovers. Mapping service will be released this fall with the release of iOS 6. With this announcement at WWDC 2012, Apple has kicked Google-powered mapping service from iPhone and iPad that was being used as a default since 2007. Users interested in continuing with their Google Maps will have to go from a hurdle of finding and installing the app from the app store.

Apple has deeply integrated Facebook to iOS shunning another Google product aka the popular Google Plus social network. Apple has also added an additional feature to Facebook through which users will now update their statuses by simply talking to their iPhones.

Apple and Google have been into a brawl since 2008 when Google launched Android to compete against iOS. Today, Samsung Electronics and Google’s own Motorola division are the top alternatives to iPhones (though Apple has sued them for allegedly stealing the groundbreaking features of iPhone), which can be the reason behind Apple’s decision of not continuing with Google Maps anymore.

Tim Bajarin, a creative strategies analyst and a good companion of Steve jobs said:

“This is a slap in Google’s face, I don’t think Apple is ever going to be able to bury Android, but this is making it clear that they aren’t going to send any more ad revenue Google’s way, if at all possible.”

After the announcement of the Apple mapping app, Google also previewed many updates to its mapping service to make it attractive and convenient to the users. Google also said that they are looking forward to perfecting the map application for users in the upcoming days.



There are many new features in Apple’s map application including visual redesign which will use vector-based graphics instead of bitmap images. Vector graphics are drawn by the device instead of being loaded from the remote server. This feature will help the users to pan across a map quickly without waiting for new map images to be loaded every few seconds.

The new map application will also include the information about 100 million businesses at the launch as well as Yelp integrated user reviews.

The Map will also give photo-realistic 3D flyover for many of major urban areas across the world, these are not actual images as being used in google maps but are the computer-generated lifelike and detailed models.

Apple is also making a big deal about Siri integration with the new map application, allowing the users to ask about locations such as,” show the nearest petrol pump” and it will be showing turn by turn navigation instead of just showing directions.