Apple iPhone 5 Vs Verizon iPhone 4: Will You Wait Or Switch To Verizon?

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 12th, 2019

Verizon’s opening to iPhone 4 stirred a bundle of the populace into a frenzy when it was publicized this week. While Big Red clients have waited 3 years for Apple to handover the iPhone machine, it has left us with a massive amount of questions about their actions.

As Peter at PR News remarks one query is why would Verizon clients take on the iPhone 4 when it is highly likely that Apple will be releasing the 5 in the last part of June?  iPhone 5 release date! Of course, we are all conscious that the 4 suffered from the death grip problem, and that the slight redesign of Verizon’s version could have eliminated this. But is it really a viable option to accept 6-month old technology with the iPhone 5 just around the corner?

Apple and Verizon have, if truth be told, thrown the cat among the pigeons with this one leaving us all confused as to which is the most excellent technique to turn. It will undoubtedly be interesting to see if Verizon will be able to sell the forecasted 8 million+ iPhone’s with the fifth-generation just 5 months away.

Chip Chick’s Helena Stone gave her judgment stating that even Verizon’s enhanced service would not entice her to switch, for her waiting for the iPhone 5 was the better choice.

While Peter believes that the most excellent preference if you want an iPhone, is to move over to Verizon and enjoy its advantages. I believe that if you have waited this long then a few more months to see what Apple will bring at the end of June is the answer.

We are all given the right to our opinions so let us know yours. Do you think that Verizon has pounced to early and left itself with a hill to climb, possibly being 6-months behind in the technology risks? Or is this part of a master arrangement?