Apple Beats LG to Become 2nd Largest Mobile Manufacturer in US

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 5th, 2019

Apple Beats LG

The global smartphone industry has literally exploded in recent years when it comes to both adaptation and advancement in technology. The smartphone industry immediately got saturated with time making competition between smartphone manufacturers really tough. To stay alive in the industry, manufacturers need to have a constant supply of innovative mobile devices and a cool ecosystem. Amongst global markets, the United States is a major market and to be really successful globally, a manufacturer needs to be successful in the USA first to gain both financial and psychological advantage over the adversaries.

Yesterday, for the very first time in the history of mobile manufacturing, Apple surpassed LG electronics to become the second-largest mobile manufacturer in the United States. ComScore has released mobile manufacturers’ market share report of October 2012 for the United States in which it briefly described mobile platforms market shares and also what people used to do with their cell phones. Embedded below are the data tables showing the report results:


OEM Market Shares

In July this year, Apple was the 3rd largest mobile manufacturer and supplier within the United States with a market share of 16.3% while at that time, LG was leading Apple with a market share of 18.4% and Samsung was the King of the market with an impressive share of 25.6 %. In a three month period of Aug-Oct, the figures have changed with Apple obtaining 1.5% to reach 17.8% and LG suffering a loss of 0.8% subscribers to reach a market share of 17.6%. Samsung is still leading the market with 26.3% and experienced an increase of 0.7% in the last three months (despite losing the patent battle at the start of this year).

Apple and LG are fighting a very close war with a slight difference of 0.2% market share. Other smartphone manufacturers in the market to have top shares after these three giants are Google-owned Motorolla Mobility and Taiwan based HTC with market shares of 11.0% and 6.0 % respectively.


Mobile Platforms Market Shares

At the end of October, 53.6% of subscribers of the United States were using Google’s Android operating system while 34.3% were using Apple’s iOS to fulfill their needs. RIM dropped 1.7% points to have a 7.8% market share while Microsoft enjoys a mere 3.2% market share and Symbian struggles to survive at 0.6% market share.


Mobile Content Usage

Texting has become a vital part of life in every part of the world and the report reflects this situation accordingly with a high percentage of 75.9% of users using cell phones for texting compared to any other feature. Downloading apps from app stores has also gained significant popularity among smartphone users. Other popular uses among users are browsing, social networking, playing games and listening to music.