Apple And Amazon Top The Customer Satisfaction Survey

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 7th, 2019

Apple And Amazon Tops The Customer Satisfaction Survey

A recently conducted survey by a company that analyses customer experience named Foresee, on the topic of which company has the most customer satisfaction showed that Apple and Amazon dominated the survey results. Not to any surprise, Apple dominated it. Amazon stood hand in hand with Apple in the survey results. Apple and Amazon are not only on top of the list but they stand at a great margin from the rest of the big companies in the market.

The survey was rated out of 100 points. In the category of mobile satisfaction, Apple got 85 points and Amazon got 84 points.

In the category of the most favorable on-line shopping experience, the websites got the following points.

Amazon    87

Apple         81

Best Buy   79

Avon         79

Staples      78

Barnes and Noble 78

Victoria’s Secret   78

Target        78

The survey also showed that more than half of the people who are satisfied with their current retailer are expected to re-buy from the same company/store rather than changing their retailer. So Amazon and Apple seem quite happy with the user experience of their phones and websites. But with a lot of catching up from a number of companies they have to stay up to the expectations of people and keep giving the results as good as their past.