Amir Khan knocks out Zab Judah in Fifth Round

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 10th, 2019

Amir Khan knocks out Zab Judah in Fifth Round

Amir Khan Knocked out Zab Judah the 33- year old American to add the IBF light-welterweight title to his WBA crown at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Amir Khan floored Judas with 13 seconds remaining in the 5th round.

At the start, neither of the boxers showed any effort. During the second round, Judah showed some fast reflexes after missing some quick punches by Amir Khan. During the final 30 seconds of second-round Judah received some punches and started bleeding from his mouth. During the third round, the swelling was apparent on the right side of Judah’s face. In the fourth round, Judah relied on the defense strategy. He managed to duck and slip away most of Amir Khan’s punches but did not fight back.

It was the body shot by Amir Khan in the fifth round which decided the light-welterweight champion. The experienced American complained afterward that the punch was low but replays showed it was on the beltline and legal. Referee Vic Drakulich, counted Judah out as he crumpled on his knees after the body shot.

“I knew he was getting hurt because he kept moving away and ducking,” said Amir Khan, “I kept hitting him in the face but the punch that dropped him was clean and on the belt.”