Amir, Asif and Butt Spot Fixing Scandal Final Decision

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 12th, 2019

International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption committee has reserved its verdict in the spot-fixing case of three Pakistan cricketers – former captain Salman Butt, fast bowlers Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Aamer.

Michael Beloff, chief of the committee, said in his statement issued here on Tuesday.

He said that hearing would again be held on February 5 and in anticipation of then the three cricketers would stay suspended.

The three Pakistani cricketers on a tryout for spot-fixing don’t come into view to have their story in a straight line with two players giving conflicting facts.

There seems to be a split between the three Pakistan cricketers accused of spot-fixing during a trip to England.

Bowler Mohammad Asif, captain Salman Butt, and Mohammad Amir have been cross-examined by ICC lawyer Jonathan Taylor in face of the ICC anti-corruption tribunal in Doha.

Asif denies he was a piece of a deliberate plot to bowl no-balls and says he only over-stepped for the reason that Butt told him to bowl a faster delivery.

The players are accused of agreeing to pay for bowling no-balls at prearranged times in the fourth test against England in August at Lord’s, a fixing scandal explained by the ICC as the sport’s biggest in decades.

The Dubai-based ICC charged the trio with “alleged irregular behavior” in September after British tabloid The News of the World reported that the players received money from businessman Mazhar Majeed for “spot-fixing.”

Majeed, who was also was under arrest and questioned by police, appeared to accept 150,000 pounds from reporters posing as front men for a Far East gambling cartel.