Amazon To Add Instant Video Service For Xbox 360

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 1st, 2019


The world of streaming videos just expanded to the reach of proud Microsoft Xbox 360 owners. Previously, it was heard that Xbox 360 had plans of having its own unique web browser but this new big deal just might cross that hype. Due to Amazon’s brand new Instant Video application availability in the Xbox Live Marketplace, the proud owners of the Xbox 360 (one of the biggest name in the console market) can feel blessed because they are now granted to enjoy over 120,000 movies and sitcoms’ episodes by either browsing, purchasing or renting it, and this service is not limited to Xbox 360 only, Amazon has also made this Instant Video service available for the Sony PlayStation 3, Roku, Blu-Ray assortments and HDTV as well.

However, the individuals who have already subscribed to the Amazon Prime are in for a stroke of luck as they will be having the privilege to stream 17,000 films and television episodes free of cost. Those who are unaware of the unique Amazon Prime deal, it is a $79 per year service from which the subscriber can have two-day shipping on the available Amazon products along with numerous other benefits. Those in possession of the Kindle Fire tablet will be, without any fear of the loss of their place whatsoever, able to interchange their devices.

The new application seems to be a hot move by the Redmond based company, which it has done in order to stay on top of Sony’s PS3. The owners are now able to view videos from ESPN, Epix, HBOGo, Netflix, Xfinity, Crackle, Verizon FiOS, Zune, etc. It turns out that video game consoles are good for something after all other than gaming. In fact, according to research conducted by Forrester, it was revealed that more than 32 million homes in the United States alone are watching online videos on their television sets, so video game consoles are the best possible option to stream online videos on television.

It is certainly safe to assume that Amazon seems to be determined in making a name for itself in the entertainment business as its new application is available for almost every reputable gaming console with the exception of Wii. A similar application for the Sony PlayStation 3 was released last month and with the recent release for Xbox 360, one can only imagine what next Amazon has to offer for the console owners around the world.