Adobe Acrobat XI Review

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 24th, 2019

Adobe Acrobat XI review

Adobe System announced the arrival of its latest PDF reader Adobe Acrobat XI on October 1st. As Adobe has established itself as a leading PDF application, the new arrival doesn’t seem much exciting. Adobe Reader is widely used for viewing and printing PDF files, but it has a minor PDF creating potential. The new Acrobat XI promises to let people do more than just viewing and printing their PDFs. It allows file editing from within the application, which eliminates the requirement of external editing software.


Acrobat XI Review

Editing text and images in the new Acrobat XI is as easy as editing a word document in MS office. Previously it was difficult to merge multiple documents into a single PDF file, as well as adding signature to documents.

With the help of new features such as document signing and form-editing, everything becomes easier. The same interface that Acrobat X boasted of has been retained in the new version, but it has undergone minor upgrades.


Improved PDF Editing

Acrobat XI always included minor editing options such as correcting typing errors or changing a few words, but the result was always clumsy. In the new Acrobat XI ‘Content Editing tools’, you are provided with ‘Edit Text and Images’ option. On selecting the option, every paragraph is surrounded by an outline indicating that the paragraph is ready for edit.

You can click anywhere on the paragraph and add words or sentences, or you can just replace any word. As you add more words or sentences to the paragraph, the words wrap automatically. You are also provided with formatting icons that helps you in changing the paragraph alignment. By clicking on the Plus-sigh icon, you can provide space where ever required. By right-clicking on an image, you can rotate or flip the image or replace it completely.


Export PDF Documents

The Adobe Acrobat XI does not allow the text to move up and down the page freely. It has allotted specific position for objects in the document. It does not fill the space when sentences are deleted and does not provide space to sentences that are added to a paragraph. To solve this issue, Acrobat has introduced an export option that allows any file to be saved as a word document. After working on the document you can again save it into a PDF file. Even PowerPoint presentations can be exported to MS Office.


Cloud Services in Acrobat XI

The new Acrobat XI comes with cloud service, which means improved integration. A year old service called ‘Forms Central’ works as a warehouse for an organization’s forms and distributes them to stakeholders anywhere in the world. Inspite of the device or browser one uses, the form appears the same. This is due to the fact that it is compatible with Share Point or Office365.



EchoSign is another service that allows you to add signatures and other fields to PDF files. You can send these documents to other people via email to get signatures. This is essential when you want some contracts to be signed. With EchoSign you can add signature and other fields to the contract document and send them through emails. The recipients would receive the email with link to the document. There they are allowed to write their names and the document would change it into a signature with the help of script font. Recipients can also use their mouse to sign on the document.

The new Acrobat XI PDF reader is more powerful, convenient and allows for an easy learning. Although, Adobe Acrobat XI provides people with more editing functions than any other PDF reader in the market so far, it is the most essential and appropriately priced for all PDF creators.