A Time And Motion Study of Major Sports [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 17th, 2019

A Time And Motion Study of Major Sports

Time and motion studies are typically associated with the workplace to improve efficiency and profits, however, as avid sports fans spend hours watching some major sportsWatches2U have put their stop watch on to discover how much time fans really spend hours watching actual play during an average match of four of the most popular ball games, football, rugby union, soccer and American football, to reveal some very interesting facts in form of a time and motion study of major sports infographic.

You’ll see that although the games last for pre-set times, an awful lot is of what we watch is taken up by both scheduled and non-scheduled breaks, advertisements, injuries and television studio analysis.

As our featured infographic digs deeper into each of the major sports, it shows whether you’re getting value for money in comparison to what a player earns, the distances traveled in an average match, and the time each specific type of move takes.

It makes fascinating reading opening up the activities that take place during a game, answering the questions you may have thought about while you cheer-on your favorite team or player. It also poses the question, are players worth their salary when it appears they spend surprisingly little amount of time actually playing during a match? If your team wins, of course they are!

So without any further delay, here’s the insightful infographic:

a time and motion study of major sports