A Quarter Of All Pageviews From US Are Of Facebook

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 29th, 2019

mark zuckerberg

Facebook – The Social Giant is attracting a lot of traffic from the United States of America. As per Mark Zuckerberg, it attracts multiple times more traffic than any of its contemporary social adversaries. The latest evidence of this fact comes from a recent report filed by Experian’s Hitwise group.

According to a report from HitWise:

“The amount of content consumption taking place on the popular social network [Facebook] has also grown substantially where nearly 1 in 4 page views in the US took place on Facebook.com for the week ending November 13, 2010.”

The ‘1 out of every 4 pageviews’ statement maps to around 10% of all Internet visits which is no less than a milestone for the 500 million-member social site.

Further, the report says that in the past week, Facebook.com saw 3% more web visits and almost five times more page views than Google. Although it still has less monthly unique visitors than Google (151.13 million U.S. uniques for October 2010 Vs Google’s 173.3 monthly US uniques).

As mentioned above Facebook also clocked in with just over 10% of all site visits in the U.S. whereas YouTube placed second in both categories with 6.39% of page views and over 7% of site visits.

Clearly the only site capable of competing with Facebook is Google.