Here’s Why Instagram For Business Marketing Is So Effective [Infographic]

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 5th, 2023
Why Instagram For Business Marketing Is So Effective

Using Instagram for business marketing is quite common especially given the fact that Instagram is not tailored for any particular business, niche, or domain. It’s for everyone who likes to get more publicity and make more money. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have already tried growing your online presence organically. Many people fake it till they make it and it does work for some. You just have to be clever about it all, even if it is something as simple as Instagram. From posting selfies to finding jobs to promoting your newest product or service, this mobile app lets you connect with the virtual online world and find like-minded people from across the globe. That’s good for everyone, isn’t it? Let’s find out why Instagram for business marketing is so effective and how to promote your business on Instagram effectively! 


Instagram as a Marketing Tool

Fans can follow their favorite stars; startups can get a wider reach for their promotions, and big brands can track their competitors and improve their own campaigns.

While some people use Instagram to share the loveliest moments of their lives through photos, most users look at the social network as a powerful advertising platform to promote their products and services and get more customers. 


Numbers Don’t Lie

A few reasons why Instagram marketing is a better choice than Facebook and Twitter marketing:

  • Instagram has a 15 times more engagement rate than Facebook and 20 times more than that Twitter.
  • Among the 3 billion internet users worldwide, 17% of them are on Instagram. That’s mighty huge for a small mobile app!
  • Instagram gets over 200 million active monthly users, and most of them are frequent online shoppers.
  • The social network is growing at an enormous rate of 30% to 40% on a yearly basis, which is faster than any other social network on the Internet, and it’s expected to grow a lot bigger by 2018.
  • It allows businesses to promote their products and services in multiple ways such as contests, special offers, discounts, news & announcements, and events.

As wise men say, numbers don’t lie. So do the benefits of Instagram for businesses. Wouldn’t it be nice to get your business on the growing network of Instagram?


Learn From Other Dominant Brands

Here’s what: success can be repeated and success formulas can be copied. The magical remedy of the most dominant brands on Instagram includes posting quality content, increasing user engagement, and boosting the trustworthiness of their profile.

If you wish to take advantage of this growing social network, which looks like it’s just made for marketers, make sure you incorporate a good mix of the following Instagram marketing tips:

  • Post quality images in different themes at regular intervals
  • Post short videos of your products and services
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Schedule your posts for the peak hours
  • Post curated content
  • Attract more followers and likes

Here is a cool infographic from that can bring you a step closer to your very own Instagram marketing success thanks to their useful Instagram tips for business:

Here's Why Instagram For Business Marketing Is So Effective

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