A Good or a Bad Idea: Marketing a Wholesale Business Through YouTube

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 9th, 2019

Marketing a Wholesale Business Through YouTube

You might have read a lot of content on internet about video marketing of a small retail business, but you rarely would have come across any article highlighting video marketing of any large size wholesale business. This has led many B2B businesses to think if using YouTube makes any sense for them. Though the target market of retail and wholesale business is different, yet YouTube promises similar benefits for both. Just like YouTube, benefits other businesses, if used rightly it can also turn out be the lowest cost marketing platform for any wholesale businesses. If you’re business is struggling and you’re wanting to think of different ways to get your name out there, look into sustainable marketing for your business. I am myself a wholesaler dealing in stylish footwear. My son used to watch movies and my wife used to watch cooking shows on YouTube. It took me some time to realize the potential of this revolutionary platform for business purposes. For my own business, there came a point when I felt the need of enhancing my marketing efforts but unfortunately, I didn’t have much money. That’s when I decided to use YouTube by keeping in mind that I would be the early bird in a wholesale business to catch this worm. Thanks to YouTube, because it gave a good boost to my business sales. I would like to share a few things to my counterparts who still think wholesale business marketing on YouTube would not be much fruitful. Following are some of the benefits you can reap from YouTube:


Cost Effective

Around 22.25% of the internet users visit YouTube and that makes it the fourth most visited website on internet. Its traffic consists of all types of users, helping all kinds of B2B businesses making the most of it. This is mainly because YouTube is totally free. Are yellow pages, billboards, and other offline marketing tools free? No, they are not but yes, YouTube is free. YouTube allows you to create sponsored content (if a brand reaches out to you), which is what some content creators do. If they have videos that are sponsored, they have to make it clear in the video or the title, so it is not misleading to the viewer.

All you need to do is to invest your time in setting up your account, making and uploading videos and that’s it.


Viral Marketing

Your video should not be longer than 2 minutes. This is because people have no time to see long videos with little or no valuable information. Always remain to the point and offer relevant information in the video in such a way that it attracts viewer’s attention. If your video has potential to go viral, there would be many viewers who will share your video with their friends and other people on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, allowing you to get massive exposure by reaching to a wide range of audience.


SEO Friendly

People are normally more inclined towards watching videos as compared to reading product details on internet. Because of this, Google always shows videos results at the top of its search result. If your video is popular, it would always top Google result. This way, YouTube marketing is SEO friendly. Video links always rank above other links, enhancing your chances reaching out to your potential customers. 


Greater Visibility

If you operate on international level, marketing your business in different countries according to the particular need of each country is a hectic job. It is too expensive in terms of time and money. YouTube has millions of users belonging from every corner of the world. Posting a simple video can help you to get prospects from all parts of the world. If you operate a regional wholesale business, just target local searches and let YouTube bring in huge regional traffic to your business website.



If you are getting such benefits for free without much effort, why not do it then? The question, if YouTube marketing is a good or a bad idea for wholesalers does not exist. If you would not get any benefit from YouTube, then it also does not pose any harm either. It is surely a good idea because it is the lowest cost and a revolutionary marketing platform for the businesses of all types and all sizes.