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Top 14 Mobile Phone Web Testing Tools

Top 14 Mobile Phone Web Testing Tools

Today there are more mobiles than toothbrushes in the world – and comparing the former with the number of desktops has become a travesty now. This makes it potentially a huge and lucrative market for mobile phone web development. You might be wondering how mobile websites are a match to their desktop counterparts. Yes, mobile Internet was… Read More »

9 Useful Firefox Tips And Tweaks

Useful Firefox Tips And Tweaks

Firefox is an extremely popular browser that is used by about 36% of internet users. There are many ways to tweak and get Firefox running exactly how you want from changing to multiple home pages to organizing your favorites. Here we look at 9 useful Firefox tips and tweaks to help make your Firefox browsing… Read More »

How To Increase Browsing Speed On A PC

How to Increase Browsing Speed on a PC

The browsing speed on a PC is considered largely dependent on the bandwidth of the internet you get. However, sometimes when you are browsing the internet, you get a slow browsing speed despite having a fast internet connection. This is due to several factors that may be slowing down the browsing process. Here today we… Read More »