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13 Interesting Facts About Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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It is an enigma like no other. 8th of March 2014 marked the birth of an astonishing mystery as 12 Malaysian crew members, 227 passengers from 14 different nations and the entire 9M-MRO aircraft accommodating the passengers disappeared without even a slightest trace. As the vanishing of the aircraft raised more questions than providing answers,… Read More »


Top 20 Music Videos of 2011 (International Version)

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Just like some previous years, 2011 too has been a great year for pop music with dozens of catchy numbers being released by some of the mammoth names of the industry. As 2011 has departed now, its time to take a quick look at some of the top songs that still continue to delight you and refuse to get… Read More »


2011 MTV Video Music Awards

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The 2011 event was a gathering of epic proportions that will stay in the living memories of all the people and artists who participated or watched the event, it was a night to live on in the history of VMA lore.