9 Tips To Make Your Blog Interesting To Read

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON June 19th, 2023
9 Tips to Make Your Blog Interesting to Read

Today blogging is a business that usually is aimed to get more traffic and money. But there are still many blogs written for fans. Anyway, each SEOer knows that the key to success is content. Let’s try to consider the most important tips to make your blog interesting to read:


Know What You Are Writing About

Try to be an expert in your topic by writing continuously in your niche. It is hard to write about the software if you know nothing about it. Read a lot from other established blogs and learn from them. Ideally, you should be writing about something enjoyable for you.


Know Your Audience

Writing becomes easier when you know what you need to achieve. Thus you can choose the right topics and the right tune for your article. Remember the majority of the audience likes simple language irrespective of the niche.


Write on Trending Topics

Your articles must be valuable, interesting, and useful at least for the readers in your niche. So write about something that is trending among your visitors. Also, try to care about keywords and check the popularity of each keyword on the Google Keyword Planner.

Make a list of keywords in descending order for your post and then use them sparingly. Just don’t overdo the list. You can look on Google Trends, Alexa’s Hot Topics, and Yahoo’s Trending Stories to look for popular stories daily.


Set a Goal for Your Post

The first thing you need to determine is the purpose of your post: a new, user manual for years or text for selling goods, etc. Remember to maintain quality, producing quality content regularly is not easy and you need to spend a lot of time and effort.


Be Different

Show your uniqueness by touching on new aspects of your subjects. It will help you to attract a diverse audience and draw your posts in color discussions.


Catchy Titles

When a visitor views the article headline, this is the moment in which the user decides whether to read the rest of the article or not, so always make catchy headlines. Remember that most readers “scan’ a page instead of reading each and every word. The headings should tempt the reader to keep reading.

They must be short but pithy, something like “5 Tips for…” or “3 Techniques How…”, etc. People love advice and numbers. Long titles beat off the desire to read the rest of the text.


Use Pictures Related to Your Post

The picture displays the meaning of your post. When you are publishing it on social networks only a small piece of your post and a picture are available to view. Some visitors may want to read your post only because of the interesting picture you included in the article.


Make Readers Feel Empowered

Let your visitors feel smart, happy, and inspired. Use slang and terms that would be preferable for a specified audience. Thus your readers will understand your authority and enjoy reading your blog.


Don’t Forget About SEO

To let search engines provide users with your posts use important keywords in titles, headings, and URLs. Don’t be lazy to write a meta description, and do proper on-page SEO at least so that search bots may crawl your web pages effectively.

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