9 Reasons Why You Should be Investing in SEO Tools

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

Reasons Why You Should be Investing in SEO Tools

As the SEO industry has increased dramatically within the past few years so has the market to support this industry. However with many businesses cutting costs and many open source software’s being widely available, surely this would be a waste of money?

Here are 9 solid reasons why you should be investing in SEO tools right now:


1. Time = Money, SEO Tools Saves Time

Essentially with that logic with Time = Money, SEO Tools save you money. Depending on what you are after, a good SEO tool does your 3 hours worth of manual work in 5 minutes.


2. SEO Tools make you Life Easier

Many SEO softwares out there have their own automation tools, which help you to become more effective and better organised when planning your SEO campaign.


3. Multi-tasking your campaigns

Having the skills and ability to multi-task between a number of different tasks is an absolute time saver, so you won’t be spending your time in vain using dud SEO methods.


4. SEO Tools with Results

SEO in itself is a time based, results driven industry. With many softwares being able to track your progress of campaigns you can see how well you are doing within the SERPs.


5. Cutting down on the Errors

People in general can make mistakes, especially when distracted. A SEO software, will cut down on the number of errors, giving you better results.


6. Understanding Your History

A useful SEO tool is able to look back at your history of what you have done, and can keep you informed about key areas of success in your campaigns.


7. Data Analysis

The SEO industry is a highly data driven industry, being able to analyse the process of each step is crucial to not only sharing success but understanding failure.


8. Tools vs Humans

Depending on what you are after, the most advanced SEO tool with the right knowledge can help you cut down the fee of a middle man if you understand your goals.


9. Adaptable to Change

Software developers working in the SEO industry understand the fast paced environment of the market so they are always trying to adapt and grow their softwares to become the best.



To be honest there are hundreds of very good SEO tools out there, but before making that purchase, understand what you want it for? For example is it for:

  • Helping you to improve your link building campaign?
  • Improving your on site SEO for search spiders?
  • Reporting and understanding your SEO efforts?

When you understand the why, the next step is how and measuring your ROI! Best of luck!

Title Image Courtesy: Ksayer1 from Flickr