9 Famous Entrepreneurs Who Succeeded Without A College Degree [Infographic]

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entrepreneurs who dropped out of college

“What’s the point of studying it when you can do it?” said in a job interview by a Stanford computer science student and Mark Zuckerberg being the interviewer. The Facebook Effect lets us know that Zuckerberg “took 5 minutes to decide several months before leaving school that he would drop out of Harvard. He was half-way through. Gaining knowledge without school is common amongst entrepreneurs. There is a massive list of famous entrepreneurs without college degree.

Michael Dell – dropped out of the University of Texas at Austin after his first year. He didn’t inform his parents about this.

Larry Ellison dropped out two times after the death of his mother.

Bill Gates stayed 3 years at Harvard. He took enough courses to graduate. But he didn’t. He decided to drop out after going through a magazine about the new computer. He said:

 “We were scared of wasting time and thought someone else would do it. I acknowledge my parents had their reasons, but it wasn’t an easy decision. And while I wouldn’t support anyone to drop out of school, it turned out to be the right decision for me.”

He later got his Harvard degree (honorary).

Most people don’t drop out to begin a great company the next day. So many people had no plan. Steve Jobs, for instance. Steve Jobs dropped out of school because it was expensive. As soon as he left school, he “dropped in’ on classes for free. This is the way he learnt calligraphy, for instance. Steve’s adoptive parents promised his biological parents that Steve would graduate from college. As it turned out, it wasn’t necessary for Steve.

Several parents anticipate their kids dropping out of college. Doctor Zuckerberg is an example. He was certain about his son dropping out.

As of today, a college degree is worth $365,000 for the average American man after subtracting all his indirect and direct expenses over a lifetime. For a woman — who have a high probability of earning less than men — it is worth $185,000. If deciding to drop out or not, boils down to economics, you just need to compare those numbers with what you could do with the money you are using on tuition.

The infographic shared below lists 9 such famous entrepreneurs who succeeded without a college degree:

Famous entrepreneurs who dropped out of college

Infographic Source: college-writers.com