8 Steps to Affiliate Marketing [Infographic]

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 19th, 2019

8 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Infographic

Ever seen those pop ups and ads that appear on a webpage whenever you visit a certain site? Ever wondered if they have a purpose or are purely there to entertain you? Well, you are about to find out more about them and little more on affiliate marketing, keep on reading for more information.

Affiliate marketing is simply a business marketing arrangement whereby a webmaster agrees to advertise the products of another business on his/her site for a certain amount of payment. The payment in this case is not fixed and depends on the type of affiliate program the webmaster has chosen.

So what are these different types of affiliate programs? Generally, there are three types:

  1. PPC (Pay-per-click)
  2. PPS (Pay-per-sale)
  3. PPL (Pay-per-lead)

In PPC the webmaster receives a certain agreed amount whenever a visitor to the site clicks on the advert posted. This is considered the lowest paying of the three programs since businesses pay per a thousand clicks. As for PPS, the web owner gets paid only when a sale is generated from their site. Lastly, PPL is all about leads and getting the visitor to subscribe to the business, no sale has to be made.

8 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Infographic