8 of the Best Penguin Proof Link Building Ideas

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON March 23rd, 2014

Best Penguin Proof Link Building Ideas

Generating outstanding traffic for any website or blog is practically unachievable without good link building ideas in place that can allow establishing a strong link profile. Backlinks have always remained as a vital component of the web. It is the pathway through which information seekers move. Your reputation in the virtual internet world is determined by the number of backlinks to your website. SEO campaigns are largely focused on setting up as many safe links as possible for a website to enjoy a higher rank in the search engine result pages.

The following link building ideas would be an efficient and resourceful tutorial for the novice learners to understand a Google Penguin proof link building strategy:


8. Publish Catchy Content

For any marketing/advertising tool and website, content is considered to be the most essential component. Make use of citations of renowned authors and people hailing from related fields for making your post much more popular and authentic.

Try using familiar words rather than incorporating jargons that audiences may find difficult in comprehending. Give titles that are appealing and attention grabbing. Also try to cover more controversial topics to increase the chances of your site getting viral.


7. Forums Are Still Very Much Useful

Visit reputable blogs and forums and post your innovative ideas there, not only for the sake of promoting your link but for grasping the interest of readers as well.

Also use aggregators like N4G, TechSpy, FilmWatch, BizSugar, BlogEngage etc and social bookmarking sites like Mixx, Delicious etc.


6. Efficient SMO Can Make a Huge Difference

Use the social media for spawning more traffic and bringing more links. Creating a strong manifestation in social media is definitely an added advantage as reaching your targeted audience base becomes quite easy. Maintaining presence on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest and LinkedIn is extremely essential and neglecting any of these networks is a BIG mistake.

Most of the well known bloggers, editors, webmasters and journalists can be found on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc and following them really helps in learning new tricks and secrets.


5. Guest Posting Rocks

Guest posting can be used as a tool for making safe backlinks quite quickly and quite honestly it is one of the safest link building ideas out there.

If you are willing to offer the most time consuming and troublesome task of content writing or designing skills to successful sites, then receiving backlinks from them for your website would be an invaluable strategy. You can use sites like MyBlogGuest to ramp up your guest posting campaign.


4. Press Releases Are Really Effective

Press releases serve as the finest means of spreading your word. You could post them in different websites that trade in the same nook.


3. Try Building Partnerships

Make use of the RSS feed for making sure that all your articles are attracting visitors all the time. Let readers post their articles on your website and in return you can summon them to link back. You can also try and link to other sites. The easiest and finest strategy for achieving this is to link small websites.

That is because freshly born sites are generally hungry for traffic and will definitely return your favor back by doing the same. For solidifying your rank within your specified niche, try building partnerships with other websites that focus on related niches. Thus, the possibility of receiving several incoming links from reputed sites of similar niches increases significantly.


2. Organize Contests Regularly

Putting up contests on social media and offering prizes will definitely turn out to be rewarding and prolific. You can mention the name of your site there.

Free giveaways are also equally very useful in generating buzz and in-turn getting backlinks.


1. Infographics Can Go Viral Easily

Make use of infographics (infographics are the visual manifestations of data and information in a graphical manner for presenting complex things clearly and distinctly) for sharing your knowledge and skills.

Creating cool infographics and authorizing other people to re-post them in their blogs is really an effective link building idea that works. Most publishers easily accept infographics from contributors (as compared to guest posts) which makes it one of the finest and easiest link building ideas.