7 Ways To Secure Your Windows Phone 7

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
7 Ways to Secure Your Windows Phone 7

Smart Phones nowadays come with great features and a large memory that they have become an indispensable item in our lives. We are using these Smart Phones for more and more purposes as well as storing our personal data continuously without worrying about anything. It is hence becoming quite essential to secure phones as there are chances of data loss, as well as hackers, is always on the lookout to steal confidential data. Following are some ways to secure your Windows Phone 7:


Create A Strong Password

Keep your Windows Phone personal and do not share it with other people. Also, make sure that you create a password for the phone as well as enable a SIM lock so that people cannot access the data in your cell phone without your permission and behind your back.


Take Care While Using Public Wi-Fi

If possible avoid using public Wi-Fi spots until the source is trustable as some hackers create FREE Wi-Fi zones and track the online activities of people who use Wi-Fi through these spots.

Avoid accessing websites that need logging information like email accounts and do not perform any online transactions if you have to use public Wi-Fi. Better use 3G services on your cell phone if you are outdoors.


Update Your Software

Update your Windows Phone 7’s software frequently and as soon as an update is available. Most of the updates come with security fixes that can provide extra security to your mobile. Also, they fix various bugs for smooth and trouble-free operation.


Download Only Trusted Applications

Download applications that are supplied by trusted vendors only. Many applications come with tempting features but in fact, they download malicious content to your phone and may even create a backdoor for hackers to access your private data.

Install only applications that come with approved security certificates to avoid such complications.


Install Phone Finder Application

There are chances that you may lose your phone or someone may steal it. In addition to the lost phone, you also risk your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

There are lots of phone security applications that can send you a message if someone removes a SIM card and inserts another. Also, some software can tell you the exact location of the phone in case it is stolen or lost through GPRS.


Back-Up Your Data

Phone memory and memory cards can get corrupted and hence it is necessary to back up your data frequently. You can use cloud-based storage options like Dropbox or Google Drive to keep your documents up to date and access them anytime you want including if your phone gets corrupted. Also, you can use your own personal storage if the data is highly private.


Anti-Virus And Anti- Malware Software

Windows OS is one of the most widely targeted operating systems by viruses and other malicious content. Install a good anti-virus application for your mobile.

It will help in detecting and deleting malicious content while transferring data to and from your device as well as while surfing the internet.

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