7 Jobs That Will Change The World For The Better

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 17th, 2023
7 Jobs That Will Change The World For The Better

When most people think about changing the world, they think about charitable efforts and new technology. The modern world, however, is primarily built through the economy, and those who are able to work jobs that help others can improve the world tremendously. Here are seven jobs that will change the world for the better.


1. Online Instructors

The Internet has radically transformed education, and people can now learn about most subjects through the Internet. Many online courses, however, lack some of the benefits that traditional classes bring.

Fortunately, there are institutes striving to deliver education to those who cannot afford traditional routes, and those who teach these courses will undoubtedly make the world a better place.


2. Translators

Translation has long been a key part of building business and cultural bridges between different areas of the world, but international business has traditionally been limited.

This has changed in recent years, and many companies are now able to leverage competitive advantages to provide the products that people need to survive. Thanks to the efforts of these translators, people can expect a truly worldwide economy.


3. Nurses

Nurses are generally considered to be liaisons between doctors and patients, but those who live in many parts of the developing world are unable to pay for most medical care. Many countries are remedying this situation by giving their nurses the skills they need to deliver primary care.

While all countries are striving to develop world-class health care, these nurses will allow countries to deliver the urgent care needed while their economies grow.


4. Economists

Most economists spend their time working for companies in the developed world, but many are seeking ways to help the developing world grow. One phenomenon that is sweeping the developing world is microcredit, which is a system where those in the developing world are given small loans they can use to build a company.

These companies provide jobs to regions where work is hard to find, and these loans are a great way to energize economies in depressed regions.


5. Developers

The smartphone craze is in full force, and most experts believe that the craze will continue. Many think of these devices as luxury items, but they have proven to be incredibly useful.

People can use them to count their calories and track their exercise, and they allow people to stay more organized. Developers will continue to create programs that improve lives across the globe.


6. Environmental Inspectors

Inspections are primarily about keeping homes safe, but many people are instead helping homeowners find ways to save on their electricity bills.

By helping people find ways to use solar panels while reducing the amount of energy they use, these environmental inspectors will play a key role in slowing global warming.


7. Counselors

In recent decades, experts have begun to define exactly how important mental health truly is, and much of the stigma surrounding mental health has dissipated.

Because of this, more people are hiring counselors to help them deal with stress in their lives. Rates of mental illness are higher than many imagine, so effective mental health care systems will help improve the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

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