7 Brilliant Free IPhone Apps For Kids

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 13th, 2023
Brilliant Free iPhone Apps for Kids

Anyone who has ever been on a long car journey with small children knows the value of portable entertainment. Luckily, these days there are so many brilliant free apps for kids that you can keep them amused for hours with nothing but your mobile phone. Here are some brilliant free iPhone apps for kids:


1. Scribble Lite

This app is based on finger painting and provides a blank canvas for children to scribble on. They can also import images or photos from the phone itself to embellish or add text bubbles.

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2. American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs

This informative app provides children with everything they could ever need to know about over 800 types of dinosaurs. The opening screen features a T-rex made up in the mosaic style of miniature pictures of all the featured dinosaurs.

Children click on the one they like best and learn all sorts of trivia.

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3. Penguin Whacker

A simple yet addictive app aimed at ages four and up, this is based on the arcade game ‘Whack-a-Mole’. With three different speed settings, kids try to whack as many penguins as possible within the time limit.

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4. Freshwater Aquarium

A virtual aquarium where children are given ten fish to look after by feeding them the right amount of food to make them grow. Fish can be sold for gold pieces, which can be used to buy new fish.

A great addition to the popular virtual pet market.

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5. Mad Libs

This mobile version of the popular game may not do anything differently, but this game has been around for years for a reason. Kids will love making up wacky stories with their friends or on their own.

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6. Candy Train

A simple puzzle game that requires players to move pieces of track around the screen to get their train from point A to point B, picking up candy and extra carriages on the way.

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7. Pocket Frogs

Children head to the lily pond and attempt to catch rare frogs. They can then tame them, breed new ones and explore other areas of the game, along with buying potions and other items to create exciting new frogs.

The graphics look great, with bold colors and patterns, and players can link to trade with their friends.

Get Pocket Frogs via the App Store


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  1. alexsummers says:

    pocket frogs is the best i play it with by 4 years old niece all the time and he loves it

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