6 Steps for Starting a New Online Business

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON December 11th, 2013

steps for starting a new online business

Being an entrepreneur takes a special breed of person. It’s one thing to dream about having your own business; actually starting and running a successful operation is a different prospect altogether. In the ideation phase, one can be creative, expansive, and just dream big. However, when actually starting a new online business, creativity must be blended with more practical concerns. Specific skills are needed to start an online business and make it a success. But with the help of technology, it can be made a lot easier. Barring that, some aspects of a business should be outsourced to qualified help.

Running your own business can be both rewarding and challenging. It demands time, energy and continued focus. While each entrepreneur will have their own particular style of business ownership, here are some basic steps for starting a new online business from scratch:

1. The Idea Phase

One way to come up with new online business ideas is to look for everyday problems people might be facing and consider how you might help solve them. Is there an unmet need out in the marketplace that you could fill? Specially given the fact that millions of online start ups are being registered daily.

Finding a genuine niche where you can serve the public is a great start. You might also look for ways you can meet an already-existing business need even more effectively and efficiently than the competition.

2. Follow Your Bliss

This saying is almost a cliche these days, but it is crucial for long term business success. Choose an online business idea that connects with your genuine, heartfelt interests, talents and passions. What would you truly love to do everyday? What sorts of ways do you enjoy helping people?

The answers to these questions can lead you to the perfect business idea(s) for you, and they will be ones for which you have endless motivation and positive energy. A business begun in this spirit will hardly feel like work.

3. Evaluate Your Competitors

Do some research and see what your biggest or closest competitors are doing. This can help you determine your odds of success and help you decide if it’s wise to proceed with starting the new online business. Find out how and why the most successful businesses in your niche are successful.

While you will be bringing something new to the game, you don’t want to reinvent the wheel entirely; learn from what’s already working out in the field, and strive to take it to the next level.

4. Craft a Business Plan

Don’t let this step intimidate you; it doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long. Research how much you’ll be able to charge for your service or how much revenue will you able to make through advertisements, and the cost of hardware, web developers and maintenance to fully deliver your product.

5. Consider Your Location

Will your business need a brick and mortar, physical location? Should you lease an already-existing space, buy an existing property, or build a new building? Investing in property can be a wise choice and contribute to financial success.

If you decide to build from scratch, expert contractors will use heavy construction equipment like wheel loaders to prep the land for your new building. But, if your budget is low and all you can afford initially is to rent a place then do a thorough analysis and don’t make a decision unless you survey three to four places.

6. Determine Financing

Based upon the information you’ve gathered, determine how you will finance your business. Secure a bank loan or investor(s) if necessary. Although there are also small business loans out there for you to check out, with reviews such as Kabbage reviews to help you chose the best one for you. Sincere partnerships benefit businesses a lot. Large online business empires have been built in such ways. Even if you plan to run a business on your own, there are parts of it that you may not be as skilled in. Maybe dealing with the financial aspect is not your strongest skill, which is why it may be in your best interest to read this guide about how to fund a business successfully. No matter whether you are planning on starting an online business or in an office environment, we all need a bit of help sometimes.

Remember no individual would like to invest all of his wealth in a single project because of obvious psychological reasons and the possibility of a loss which is always there. Therefore look for a partnership that could last for long time.


These steps map out the beginning phase of starting a new online business. From there, you’ll have to create a marketing plan and the actual infrastructure of the business. This can vary quite a bit depending upon the specific business you’re starting.

There’s definitely more work ahead, but these six steps can help you lay the foundation for success. Never forget that thousands of individual have made fortune by their small online start ups by focusing on these simple things.