6 Cheaper Alternatives To IPad

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON March 10th, 2023
Cheaper Alternatives to iPad

Yes, we have been put under a spell by iPad’s advanced optics, breakthrough Retina display, ultra-fast A5X chip, and almost everything that should draw one’s attention. But amidst all these leading-edge, precocious attributes, Apple’s tablet has certain pitfalls and flaws as well. Of which, the heavy price point brings fine lines the most. Although it might be convincing for many to loosen up their pockets and fork out, there still exists a lot that prefer keeping their budget tight. Thus, for all those who were hanging onto their hats for an as immersive tablet experience as iPad, we have got some help. Listed below are 6 cheaper alternatives to iPad that won’t only deliver an outstanding touchscreen interaction, but will also touch your sensitive pockets quite gently. Take a look!


6. Archos Tablet PCs

So you want an efficient tablet that is ‘fit to eat’ and does not even bear down on your pocket? Did you just nod in affirmation? Well if yes, then Archos tablet PC may sound more than perfect to you. Designed for users who appreciate neat aesthetics blended with powerful performance, the 10.1′ device lays its foundation on Android and features HD multimedia.

Powered by an Arm Cortex A8 processor and a high-resolution multi-touch screen, Archos tablet PC puts forth a relatively great experience with comparatively lesser strain on what you want to ‘shell out’ which somewhere comes to around $550.


5. HP Slate

Although HP has been revered for devising supreme, classy units, its mighty Slate might just be an amazing alternative to the perfect iPad. But remember, this one may pick your pockets to an extent (though, not as much as Apple’s contender does). The multi-touch tablet has a strong Windows 7 and Intel Atom Z540 processor under the hood, whereas the stylish outer shell gets treated with a stunning 8.9-inch capacitive screen with resolution support for 1024 x 600p and a high-end 3MP rear camera.

While it integrates some really intriguing fun features, HP believes the sleek Slate however mainly focuses on business professionals. As far as the pricing is concerned, $799 is what it asks you for.


4. Notion Ink Adam

Another low-priced yet interesting iPad alternative is Ink Adam from Notion. The big power, compact tablet comes embedded with responsive apps and buttery-smooth applications for users who rifle through more of a lighter side. The cheap substitute also feels great for its two Cortex A9 cores, transflective display, full high-definition 1080p HDMI, and immersive 3D gaming.

Now tell us, what would you want more when so much has been served by Notion at a lesser value? On the up and up, it just couldn’t get better. This one will cost you anywhere from $327 to $800 – since there are four configurations.


3. Android ePad

Though the ElectronicPad or ePad has not really hogged too much of the limelight, the Android-based unit certainly looks great for what it endows. The device, however, swings down when it comes to equally matching the strengths with iPad – but it definitely looks like eye candy for a light price tag that comes strung along.

The 7-inch tablet benefits from Google are Android OS 2.3 and for sure offers a speedy, diverse flat computing experience. Since we are discussing the low-priced models that could stand next to Apple’s toddler, the pretty attractive Android ePad tablet will make users shell out $199.


2. Google Android aPad

Google Android aPad was touted to provide enhanced multitasking capabilities than the original i-device, aPad comes equipped with strong Wi-Fi and Android Store.

The sleek model also brags about its efficiency and rich entertainment functions that should hold the attention of many for elongated sessions. However, the pricing details for this one are somewhat hazy.


1. Acer Iconia Tab A200

This 10-inch tablet is one of the lowest-priced tablets present in the market. It runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. Acer is offering this tablet with expandable memory options, full USB port support, and a designed back with good holds back.

Acer Iconia Tab A200’s OS can be upgraded to an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This tablet has some good features but it lacks wi-fi and HDMI front. Also, the quality of the front-facing camera is not appreciable and it does not have a rear camera.

Well, this brings us to a standstill for six really spectacular, feature-rich options that can seamlessly fill the bill as an iPad substitute. While they may have certain flaws and the absence of some really important functions, the tablets still make a mark for their identity that renders ‘much at less’.

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