6 Awesome iPhone Apps To Learn A Foreign Language

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON November 18th, 2019

Awesome iPhone Apps To Learn A Foreign Language

The advantages of learning a foreign language are countless and what can be better than learning one while on the move. With technology widening the edges of our lives every day, iPhone app developers have come up with hundreds of applications to help us learn a foreign language right on our phone. With these apps at our disposal, all we have to do is to download them and get started—no additional time required for taking any online or offline lessons. Although the majority of the apps come at a very nominal price but some free versions do exist. Here are some awesome iPhone apps to learn a foreign language that make learning a new language not only easier but also fun:


1. Jibbigo


Jibbigo is like a virtual interpreter or translator, this app can also translate, both, English into Spanish and Spanish into English simultaneously (when installed on an iPhone 3GS). The operating system required is iOS 3.0 or advanced.

Make the necessary settings in the very beginning but in case you feel the urge to alter the direction, you need to restart the app. The app has a built-in dictionary of roughly 40,000 words that makes translations easier.


2. iSpeak


iSpeak has taken the mobile translators to a completely different level. This app makes use of the best quality text-to-speech synthesis and speaks back the translated phrase in the target language. The speech reproduced is very clear and has a perfect accent. This app translates from English to French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Spanish and many more.

It provides a learning forum for various languages via a translator where once downloaded, you can use it on any other Apple device with the appropriate compatibility requirements. It takes up 105 MB of the memory space of an iPhone. The app allows you to save translations on the phone and also allows you to email them.


3. TripLingo


One of the ‘11 Ground Breaking Inventions of 2011’, TripLingo teaches Spanish the fun way. It is like playing a time management game wherein as you progress in your learning, you are awarded medals.

There are flashcards, a dictionary and phrasebook, travel-related translations, and an option for you to create a customized list of phrases that you’d need to converse while traveling.


4. German Travel Pro

German Travel Pro

German Travel Pro allows its users to learn German by listening to the native German pronunciation of various words and phrases and not some English guy trying to say the same in an English dialect.

As the name suggests, the app is mostly to help travelers build a good rapport with the German locals.


5. Basic Italian for Dummies

Basic Italian for Dummies

Basic Italian for Dummies provides fun flashcards that highlight the common English words and phrases and translate them into Italian.

There is an audio option for listening to the pronunciation as well which makes this app quite handy.


6. Mind Snacks

Mind Snacks

Mind Snack lets you learn a foreign language by using lessons and games that help in building the Spanish vocabulary and communication skills.

The carefully crafted fifty levels of content, six mini-games and vocabulary of roughly 1400 phrases and words make this app very useful. This app features a personalized learning algorithm that makes memorizing a language.


There are many more iPhone apps to learn a foreign language available in the iTunes App Store for you to download. Try ’em out and make your travel, business prospects and socializing lot easier and fun.