50 Olympic Events You Won’t See At London 2012

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 13th, 2019

Events You Won't See At London Olympic

The largest sporting spectacle on the planet is coming to London and it’s going to be one hell of a party. A party the world will be watching so it’s time to get ready! There will be the pinnacle of human physicality in the athletic disciplines, the graceful prowess of the world’s finest gymnasts and unrivaled water-based streamlined strength on show in the aquatic center. We can’t wait, however, the feats on show haven’t always been so predictable.

Around the turn of the century and up until WWII things were quite different. Alright, the mainstay sports were mostly there and well-received, but there was also a taste for the less conventional. And when we say less conventional we really mean it.

There was everything from Obstacle Swimming to Live (yes live) Pigeon Shooting. It is these left-field delights that make the history of the Olympic Games as interesting and as varied as it is.

Here is an interesting infographic that sheds light on the 50 Olympic events you won’t see at London 2012:

Olympic Events You Won't See At London 2012

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