5 Tips To Make The Best Use Of Satellite Internet

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 6th, 2023
5 Tips to Make the Best Use of Satellite Internet

Satellite internet can be very addictive and when you have used it for some time, you wonder how you survived so long without it especially given the fact that it gives you access to great internet speed at places where you could have only dreamt about using the internet. After all, there are no dips in your internet connection and it has so much more to offer than a normal connection. Well, everyone is aware of this superior technology and how satellite internet makes life easier. But there are a few things you could do to maximize your satisfaction from your efficient and always-reliable connection. Satellite TV and the internet both have some fantastic benefits. Here are some tips to make the best use of satellite internet:


1. Stay ‘Always-On’

This doesn’t mean that you do nothing but stay on the internet all day and night. It simply means that you should make the best use of the ‘always-on’ service offered by satellite internet. This ‘always-on’ service ensures that you get to avoid all the lag time that you previously faced on dial-up/DSL connections.

Those are the days of the past, now you are free to enjoy the superior technology that comes with satellite internet that ensures that you stay online 24/7. The cost of such connections is getting quite affordable now and it is just a matter of time till the masses would start adopting them.


2. Enjoy The Speed

If you were a dial-up user, you must be in blissful internet heaven after getting satellite internet. Make the best use of it and enjoy the speed that is unrivaled by any other source. It makes for excellent browsing and even your downloaded files finish quickly.

The lack of buffering on videos almost seems like an early Christmas when you have been using such a slow connection for so long. Install Download Accelerator Plus (free) and its associated video accelerator to further speed up downloading and video streaming.


3. Install the Correct Operating System

There are certain OS and hardware requirements that you need to fulfill in order to maximize the efficiency of your internet. The processing speed of your processor should be at least 300 MHz, you should have a minimum of 128 MB RAM and Windows 10.

Also, you would require an Ethernet card along with a hard drive (preferably 1 TB if you download games and videos frequently).


4. Know The Weaknesses Of Your Connection

Everything has a flaw and nothing is as perfect as it is made to be believed. It is important that you know about the flaws of satellite internet.

Although, as mentioned earlier, satellite internet has a superior speed which helps to make browsing and downloading enjoyable it isn’t that successful when you are playing online games. Games tend to take a lot of time to load and there is some lagging as well. This could affect your gaming performance.


5. Direction and Signal Strength Matters

Apart from this, a simple tip like keeping your satellite pointed towards the southern sky can do wonders. You need not do anything, just follow this and you will see the difference.

Following these simple tips would really make it worth your money!

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