5 Must Have Apps for Windows 8

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON December 29th, 2019

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The days are passing off fast. It’s like Microsoft had just announced a possible Windows 8 at CES, 2011. Some people may have used the consumer version of Windows 8 and have been waiting for the original version to roll out, and here we are. Finally, the long wait is over and Windows 8 was officially released last Oct. 26. So, if you are planning to upgrade your older computer to the brand new Windows 8 or planning to gift yourself, one of the Windows 8 powered tabs, make sure you have the following must have apps for Windows 8 installed to your new Operating System:



Some things have to be admitted! Wikipedia has been our motivation and mentor for almost all of our college and school research papers. With over several millions of articles in various languages under its database, Wikipedia has always been a trusted source and a material for reference.

So, when such a digital encyclopedia makes its way to Windows 8 as an application, it is highly recommended that we download and use them. Follow the link above to get yourself a copy of Wikipedia for Windows 8.



It’s not been a long time that Netflix released its official application for Windows 8. The world’s leading subscription-based video streaming company claimed that the application for the operating system was developed keeping in mind the OS’s display principles and layout styles.

The company also claims that the app will work seamlessly on touch-based devices as well as in devices with input sources. Non-members can sign-up with Netflix and claim the official app for free and existing users can just download the app and start watching their favorite content instantly.



Amazon’s official app for Windows 8 is finally here! With Kindle app, people can access and read from over millions of latest books in the Kindle store. The unique syncing technology retains the last page that you read and makes sure you start from the same page. Also, the Kindle app allows you to pin the books on your home screen so that you can come back to them anytime you want.

The app also offers several customization features such as highlighting options, custom selection of background colors, text colors, bookmarking and manual specification of page columns.

Cut the Rope

One of the best selling applications for Android is now on Windows Store. The game combines the elements of fun and wit to offer its players a good time! The basic principle of this game is to feed the alien (Om Nom) a piece of candy that is suspended from a rope.

No, it’s not as easy as it reads! Every stage offers an incremented difficulty level making it much harder for the candies to reach the alien. So, it’s up to us to make the right moves and cut the right ropes to feed the cute alien – Om Nom. Watch out, because it’s highly addictive!


Flip Toast

What’s computing without social networking! And for all the worshippers of social media, here comes a comprehensive app to manage multiple social networking accounts. Flip Toast app acts as a networking hub and allows you to instantly connect with your family and friends. It offers a dashboard that shows up updates and information from various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and even allows you to carry out a social search with ease.

Also, the application provides features to upload pictures, tweet, update your statuses, comment, like and perform all sorts of social activities. So, make sure you have this one installed!


So, these were some of the must have apps for Windows 8. And, if you have any other applications in your mind which you think should make it to the list, share them in the comments section below.