5 Most Destructive House Parties in Film History [Infographic]

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most destructive house parties in films

The American college party is an iconic image and every parent’s worst nightmare. These parties usually include spilled drinks, house trashing, and a big clean up bill. Protection Supplies has taken a look at the five most destructive house parties in film history, before calculating the financial cost of the damage and ranking them from the fifth most expensive to the most expensive.


5. National Lampoon’s Animal House (1985)

Cost of the damage: £1,280.00.

This iconic party scene is often thought to have started the house party cliché in teen films. It could be considered tame in comparison to more recent shenanigans, but it still caused a whole heap of damage. Luckily real-life parties don’t tend to cause as much damage as this one did.

With a guitar smash, a hole in a wall, the need for a new window and a car crash the bill for this party would come to £1280. Although just 3/5 on the Drink Spill-O-Meter, still impressive for a tame example of parties gone wrong on film.


4. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Cost of the damage: £1,626.88

This take on a Shakespearean classic involved a less than a regal house party. What started as a sophisticated dinner soon turned into a massive house party with plenty of damage. Even the usually reserved Kat ended up becoming the life of the party, not just dancing on tables but breaking chandeliers too.

With damage to the chandelier, a cream carpet needing to be cleaned along with a rug, an armchair damaged and windows smashed, the bill for this party would come to £1626 and the party hits 4/5 on our Drink Spill-O-Meter.


3. Sixteen Candles (1984)

Cost of the damage: £1,757.84

The film about a sweet sixteen that is less than innocent made $4,461,000 in its opening weekend. The popular film saw the birthday girls’ celebrations go wrong in every way possible, including when a house party turned into a destructive rampage.

The post-school dance led to the whole school turning up at Jake’s house and when a weight fell through the ceiling, a fine wine collection was discovered and raided by the teenagers.

With car bumper repairs, two holes in the ceiling, a new wine rack needed and a whole host of wine and champagne lost, this party would cost £1757 in repairs and reaches 4/5 on our Drink Spill-O-Meter


2. Weird Science (1985)

Cost of the damage: £9,958.17

Despite a tame and goofy party that only reaches 1/5 on the Drink Spill-O-Meter this party still managed to be hugely expensive in damages. When the young scientists create something for their tormentors, they make a mistake and end up creating a missile that smashes through the roof.

The most bizarre movie party ever meant smashed windows, ceiling, and roof, as well as needing new furniture, damaging a bandstand and wall, meant this party cost a huge £9958


1. Project X (2012)

Cost of the damage: £96,365.21

The worst nightmare for most parents, the party in Project X includes drugs, sex, fire, and a swat team. The party throwers advertised the party online and invited news stations so of course, the party blew up to epic proportions.

With a Mercedes CLS 55 damaged beyond repair, broken windows, chandelier, fire damage and a broken TV this party would need a whopping £96365 to cover the repairs. No wonder it reaches 5/5 on the Drink Spill-O-Meter.

Without any further ado here’s the infographic for your viewing pleasure:

5 Most Destrutive House Parties in Film History Infographic