5 Keys To Selling More Through Social Networks

POSTED BY Heather Johnson, UPDATED ON April 2nd, 2023
keys to selling more through social networks

Today more companies are using social networks as sales support than ever before. Online commerce is evolving at a rapid pace and it is common to find deals, discounts for a limited time, and all kinds of products in our timelines. However, from the perspective of large companies and SMEs, a good presence in networks can be vital for the future of their businesses. Following are our 5 keys to selling more through social networks:


5. Patience

Social commerce takes time and patience to be productive. Each step must be measured and monitored. The monitoring of the behavior of the public (what interests them, how they behave, etc) is one of the actions that cannot stop running.


4. The Importance of Community

There are thousands of virtual communities. They are native to the network and are of all kinds. The product itself is considered a factor in the purchasing decision of a user. It is important to offer a positive image of the brand. This positive image can be achieved, for example, through effective customer service.

A quick and effective solution to a problem posed by a client helps minimize the negative comments that any brand generates.


3. Identify Your Target Audience

Having defined the strategy for selling through networks (in the case of a large company, this tactic should be aligned with the overall strategy), it is essential to identify what audience we must lead.

This will help target each platform with each audience with a focused message properly.


2. Internet Evolves, Business to User Also

Using social networking as a sales channel means being a day on them and their changes. But not only in visual changes such as the interface, features, etc. but also in the concepts that comprise the network. One of the most important is the reciprocal (or feedback ), i.e. the business-user relationship.

The Internet is a conversation. Therefore it is important to listen to customers, talk, and take account of their ratings (whether positive or not). Also keep in mind that the relationship with its consumer brand does not necessarily end after the sale, so a good treatment later could produce a ‘buzz’ resulting in the much-sought virality.


1. Make the Most of the Product and Innovation

If the product is good, it will sell by itself. But if accompanied by a shopping experience different and original, the product can reach more users. Not all are discounts and offers, it is important to understand the product, and its strengths. This will help in deciding which products belong in networks and which do not.

It is also important to know the best practices of competition (known as ‘benchmarking’ ) to improve our strategy and add value.

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