5 iTunes 11 Features That We Really Liked

POSTED BY , UPDATED ON October 16th, 2019

iTunes 11 Features

iTunes, the popular exclusive media player for all iDevices, was originally released back in 2001 and till date has gone through various transformations – latest version being rolled out in the end of this November dubbed as iTunes 11. The new iTunes 11 has very cool features some of which we really liked:


1. The Revamped Interface

iTunes 11 comes with a revamped UI which is quite minimal (something like Google Chrome). The new interface allows users to list the albums in a grid view which can then be expanded to view the list of songs contained in any particular album.

The sidebar which has been present now for quite a while in the previous iTunes versions, has been completely removed and all links have been moved to the top. The iTunes app store has also been completely re-designed and looks quite sleek as well.


2. iCloud Integration

The deep and extensive integration of iTunes 11 with iCloud ensures that now users can browse & stream content much smoother. For example, if you are going through the selected list of songs that you have from a particular artist then you can buy other songs from the same artist without ever leaving the list that you are streaming.

iTunes 11 also provides users with a chance to listen to a minute preview of the song before they decide to buy it.


3. The ‘Up Next’ Feature

If you don’t like spending time building a playlist then you can use the new feature called “Up Next” (which has replaced the old DJ feature) for selecting the songs that you want iTunes to play once the current one gets over.

So, basically the songs can be quickly queued up in a line and they play one after the other. This feature is particularly useful while there’s a party going on and there’s no time for making a playlist.


4. The New Mini Player

The new design of the iTunes mini player is also a win as it helps the users with the “up next” feature along with providing the ability for searching from the small window itself.


5. The Improved Search

Apart from the above new features and the addition of the search feature in the newly designed mini player, the overall search feature of iTunes 11 has been vastly improved.

The new pop up user interface provides info about the artist, the album and the songs along with the album art for each search.



To conclude, the new iTunes 11 has got some serious improvements over the previous versions both in terms of the UI and the functionalities. You should definitely try it out, especially the “Up Next” feature!